Online security

We guarantee the security of your business, train your staff, we create the company image. IT Consulting and support during the implementation of new IT solutions.

Network Security Audits

  • Auditing LAN
  • Auditing connection your local network to the Internet
  • The audit wireless network
  • An external audit of network devices

Application security audits

  • Security Audit website service
  • Security Audit mobile applications
  • Security Audit online store
  • Audit of compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data

Infrastructure software security audits

  • Audit of operating system configuration
  • The audit configuration SQL database
  • Security Audit application server

Training – IT security

  • Network Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Security of IT systems
  • Security audit of IT systems

The highest quality services in the field of IT security, highly specialised individuals, every day working in the sector IT Sec of the biggest companies.

Security audits

Penetration testing of web applications

Penetration testing of systems and networks

Analysis of security policies (ABI)

Analysis after braked secure system

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